0.2 Introduction
Introduction to Twitter Clown’s World

A community with United Strength to become Master Affiliates

     Observation: Please consider that all publications follow the Research concept “Start-from-Scrap” principle to build “Twitter Clown’s World” to guarantee complete transparent information to “handicapped” beginners.
    Twitter Clown’s World is a COMMUNITY, to guide and support members to Secure Profitable Affiliation, providing all necessary support, motivation, training etc., to attain vertiginous economical levels. The value of the Community does not permit loosing time with the curios, thinkers, and opinion-producers.

Hello Greetings, dear Twitter Clown Follower,
By Paul M. Coomanstwitterclown@hotmail.co.uk  Alias “Twitter Clown”

Twitter Clown’s World is NOT an AFFILIATE PROGRAM or COMPANY!

                                The purpose of Twitter Clown World is
              within weeks after Affiliation in the selected business and
                 to GUARANTEE the MULTIPLICATION of their TEAMS and

     The purpose is to grow a “Free Community for Fun and… earning Lots of Money,” joined by affiliates desireous to set up an Internet Business or seeking support to perform their Internet Business, and only when convinced, to subcribe as “Team Member” to have access to advantages only accessible by “Team Members” such as Twitter Clown’s techniques. Example “How to set up Twitter” in two months time to send:

                              4,368,000,000 Tweets per month (*)
                                      (2,000 Tweets per second)

(*) Certain information will only be accessible with pass-words for the “Team Members,” if created or gathered by Twitter Clown or associates.

     Gratis, No Fees have to be paid, (only the affiliation fee to join the selected Business) however it’s with the performance and guarantees to have successful and victorious Team members, that Twitter Clown’s World success is guaranteed. Twitter Clowns starts with one single company, others will be joined by Twitter Clown’s World following the same techniques, to create multiple income stream.

     Today, December 25th, Christmas, the Idea to create a Twitter Clown’s World was born, due to various reasons explained in separate pages.

     Short after New-Year, Twitter Clown’s World will be accessible to all those desirous to start building an Internet Business, or those looking for a safe and sure way to increase performance, slowly realising their irrepressible growth. The time necessary to set up the web pages and system.

     The purpose of Twitter Clown World Unlimited is Attracting Twitters looking for a Support and Coach Community, accessible to all, without the “omni-present popping up surprise” that for taking the next step the reader surfer needs his PayPal account or Credit Card, as most announceers do on Internet, as far as known today.

     It should be understood and repeated that subscription or access to the Twitter Clown World “Community” is free. However if subscribers desire software that is not free available on Internet, it will be their proper choise to purchase what and where they prefer. Twitter Clown World affiliates will possess or gather certain information about quality, price, technical know-how about software, services, providers etc. but also limit themselves to that knowledge.

     It’s Twitter Clown’s purpose to select providers, purchase the material and programs, to analyse and select the ”Affiliate or Matrix Marketing” Companies on Internet. Five have been selected until now. Twitter Clown will teach the techniques and systems to prepare the subscribers for “Affiliation” in the selected company or Companies but it’s clear that the “Affiliation or Entry Fee” has to be paid by the candidate Affiliate himself or herself.

  This is principal objective is to guarantee that Team Member continue to get support, be followed to promote and have their income assured, due to the “Team Building-technique”

     Twitter Clown Community does explain, privide tricks, information about free software, and what is step-by-step necessary to set up a profitable Internet Business and create considerable income after becoming a “Team Member”

Twitter Clown Program for Team Members consists of:
A) to Share Knowledge about actual most profitable Affiliate Companies.
to Unite Synergy and Strength, the launch members beyond Multiverse
C) to follow Affiliation plans as GLOBAL TEAM with TOTAL SUPPORT of
    the Twitter Clown World Community, instead of being abandoned as
    the ”Lonely Riders in the Prairie,” after having paid the subscription for
    affiliating, without knowin how to continue.
D) to admit promotion to “Team Member” in Twitter Clown World subscribers
    when the basic conditions are met to guarantee their Financial Success.
E) to Search and Select the Best existing Techniques and Strategies,
    guiding to Wealth, Happiness, Freedom, and providing perpetual
F) to Expand and ameliorate wherever and whenever (Kaizen).
G) to Grow and Develop “EACH” individual Team Member into a
    $ 1,000,000 minimum income per year within 15 months with the
    techniques developed by Twitter Clown.
H) to Prove all the Way, show the Way, the simple steps necessary to
     reach an easy to attain income level by re-positioning an simplifying
     the mindset.
I) to supervise ethics in Internet Marketing and the continuation of Team

     Yes, December 25th, Christmas, PROBABLY one of the best ideas born on this day on Internet, was to create a Twitter Clown World.

     With other words, the goal is to guide each Team Member to develop his mindset and step-by-step generating an average $ 3,600 income per day, 280 working days per year, surpassing a million per year income.

     This is a very serious Twitter Clown statement, attainable by the average beginner within 15 months.

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Just copy and paste the following URL — Original concepts! read “Twitter Clown’s World!” about Internet Entrepreneurship http://bit.ly/0Intro — into the 140 character Twitter field “What’s happening?” and click “update”.
     One never knows if some or more of your Followers might be interested to learn more about the subject of become interested to become a Twitter Clown Team Member to embrace wealth or to see finally some sunshine at the end of a dark tunnel.

     You also can tell a friend, a relative, a club member, a peer, willing to install a computer and connect on Internet 24/7 WWW business with billions of potential prospects.
Thanks for your “Solidarity with Twitter Clown. Together we increase performance!

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  Kind Regards
  Twitter Clown
Paul M. Coomans

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